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As in past years, inspirational prayer will be led by Rabbi Meyer and Rabbi Yanky Feder.

Children’s Program [Ages 0-13]

This year’s spectacular themed programming directed and managed by Danielle Shwartz, #Royalty. Rosh Hashana 10-2 daily as well as Yom Kippur night & day programming. We welcome a wonderful team of young women from the Tri-State Area who will help lead and add enthusiasm to the children’s programming throughout the High Holidays.

Rosh Hashana Classes

Special Guest Presenters for Rosh Hashana from Aish Jerusalem.

Concurrent with Services, join Rabbi & Mrs. Jamie and Ilana Cowland for enriching and inspiring classes.


Yom Kippur Classes

Yom Kippur Presenters – Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield & Mrs. Rochel Goldbaum

Join our outstanding educators for four meaningful lectures and a mindful medication session. Sessions on Yom Kippur Night and Day.

C U @ Shabbat is a new children’s program that starts October 27!

CU @ Shabbat is a kids’ camp on Shabbat Morning at Aish Denver from 10am-12pm. C U @ Shabbat will be held the following days:
October 27, 2018  –  December 8, 2018  –  January 19, 2019  –  March 2, 2019  –  April 6, 2019  –  May 11, 2019  –  June 8, 2019

  • Shabbos  21-22 Sept / 13 Tishrei
    Torah Portion: Haazinu
    Torah Reading, Page 1100
    Haftorah, Page 1205

  • Shabbos Times & Services

    Candle Lighting – Regular  6:42 pm
    Friday Night (Mincha-Kabalas Shabbos) – 6:25 pm
    Shacharis – 8:30 am
    Mincha Shabbos Afternoon – 6:25 pm
    Shabbos Ends (42 min.) – 7:38 pm

  • Events & Classes

    7:30 am – Chumash Rashi (Reb Zvi Gelt)
    10:00 am – For the Kids
    10:15 am  – Wisdom in Prayer (Rabbi Levi Lebovits)
    5:25 pm – Daf Yomi (Reb Zvi Gelt)

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