Southeast Denver Eruv Aish Denver

The MB Glassman Foundation Southeast Community Eruv

After years of hard work, Aish Denver has established the first (and only) Eruv in Southeast Denver. This Eruv is checked each week by a qualified rabbinic authority, to ensure that it is kosher and that it can be relied upon by all within its boundaries.

The Eruv is assumed up unless otherwise posted and notified.

Location Description:

Northern Border – Begins on Union Street from the Dam Road & Dayton intersection. Runs west to Ulster Street.

Western Border – Begins at the Ulster Street & Union Street intersection & runs south to Promenade Place.

Southern Border – Runs from Ulster Street heading east behind Promenade Place, crosses DTC & Boulevard, & runs behind Timbercreek Apartments. Then, it crosses Yosemite/Prentice at Coral Place, where it runs into Havana Street.

Eastern Border – Runs from Dayton from the Dam Rd./Union intersection heading south, heads east on Belleview, & connects again at Havana.