Did You Know the "J" in Jewish Stands for Joy?

If not, then you are not familiar with Aish Denver…
Aish Denver is the place for one to discover greater joy, understanding, depth and pride in Judaism.


There are so many different entry points through which anyone can access the joyous Aish Denver experience.

We learn. We laugh (a lot). We socialize, and make friends. We sing. We ask lots of questions (and hopefully provide meaningful answers).

Discover for yourself the joy of the Aish Denver experience!

We learn to talk to G-d, and we learn how to hear G-d talking to us. We help strengthen the family unit.

We have many experiences that awaken and bring joy to the soul and serenity to the heart. And, we have a lot of fun doing it.

Discover for yourself the joy of the Aish Denver experience!

At Aish Denver, we love little kids, big kids, teens, parents, grandparents, singles, couples and everyone in between!


AISH Denver believes that all Jews should have a place to come together, regardless of knowledge of Judaism.

To connect with the Almighty thru programming and classes that encourage any Jew to nurture and embrace their Jewish core values.  Aish Denver is a place where any Jew can not only grow in their knowledge of Judaism but also a place to nourish their souls.

To build a warm-hearted community where we can socialize, network, learn and grow together.

To learn thru programs for those advanced in their Jewish studies, as well as Judaism 101 for beginners, community classes, and one-on-one study opportunities. Our diverse community can utilize any or all of our offerings, including our preschool, Hebrew school, camps, teen programming, adult programming, Bar/Bat Mitzvah studies, and our synagogue.

To grow to use wisdom to become better Jews in our behavior and character. We do not expect any individual to assume a particular level of religious observance. On the contrary, we provide the opportunity for each person to grow at their own pace, and in their own way.